Cushionor 3/5

501,00 500,00

Kunstenaar: Willem Harbers
Jaar:  2020
Techniek: Marmer glas, staal, rubber, diverse lakken
Afmeting:  25 x 12 x 14 cm
Oplage: 3/5
Prijs: € 500,-

Vanwege de kwetsbaarheid van het werk is dit kunstwerk alleen af te halen, of persoonlijk af te leveren in overleg.

1 op voorraad


You all seem to be talking about contemporary society from a more or less outside position, as though you were looking at us from an entirely different perspective and commenting on the absurdities you discover in our culture, trying to figure us out—but not really grasping everything, so that your perspective is somewhat off. But this being “off” is what makes the works so fascinating. That’s what makes your works appear so “in between.” Maybe that’s why they can be read in so many different ways, on so many different levels…”

Gérard Goodrow 2019

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